1. Why was this web site built?

  • As far as we could tell, there was no tool available for Scripture memorization that provided a good way to review verses, especially since we all know some verses better than others, and don't need to be reviewed as often.

2. Why use the Facebook login?

  • Facebook already has a sophisticated login management system - we don't need another one. Note that we do not store any login information on our site - it is completely maintained in Facebook. You must login so we can keep track of your verse information (using your Facebook ID).

3. How do I use this web site?

  • After you login, you add verses (on the ADD page), and then use the LIST page to memorize and review them. You can use the LIST page on your mobile device to learn the verses.

4. What verses should I memorize?

  1. To start with, you can click on SUGGESTIONS for verses we recommend to memorize on various topics. But, we suggest you adding any verses that are meaningful to you.

5. How do I add verses I want to memorize?

  1. Click on ADD, to add verses
  2. Select a Bible Translation:
  3. Select the book, chapter, and verse. When you do, the verse text will be populated to the right. Copy it, paste it on the left, and modify it as needed.
  4. Separated by commans, enter a list of topics to help you find this verse later by topic search.
  5. Select how well you know the verse. You can change this later on the LIST VERSES page.
  7. Note that you can also use this page to update the verse text or topics list for a verse. (Yes, you need to re-enter the verse text if you do.)

6. How do I see the verses I've added to be memorized?

  1. Go to the LIST page
  2. Select which group of verses you want to see. If ALL, they are sorted in Biblical sequence. For the other choices, they are sorted with the verses you have selected for email at the top, and then they are sorted in the order you have reviewed them, oldest first, so the next verse you should review is at the top.
  3. If you wish to select verses for a topic, type the topic.
  4. Then click the LIST YOUR VERSES button.
  5. The verse text is hidden. Practice saying the first verse, then click on the verse reference to view the text. Click again to hide it, to review it again.
  6. When you have reviewed a verse, check the checkbox in front of the verse reference. Next time you list the verses, it will be listed last, since it is the most recent verse you reviewed.
  7. If you wish to receive a verse via email as a reminder, set up your email options in SETTINGS, and click the checkbox next to the verses you want to receive in email.
  8. If you wish to change how well you know the verse, change the number next to the verse on the right.

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